Feathered - Laura Kasischke

This book was 100% not what I expected, and I don't mean that in a good way. When I read the summary I thought there was going to be some really great supernatural stuff going on, but then it was just some stupid girls going on spring break. Seriously, they got in a car with a strange old man (who turned out to not be creepy, but still), and then got in a car with strange college students. One of the girls then got roofied (big surprise, right?) and somehow got lost in the jungle for ten months. And as a bonus: they left their other friend back at the hotel all by herself the entire time. How dumb can you be? Plus there was some weird hallucination shit that made no sense at all, and that one story about the baby bird that was totally pointless.


Basically, this book might have been okay if I hadn't been expecting an X-Files episode, but all the characters were pretty unrelatable in their stupidity, or just entirely pointless.