The Devil's in the Diva: The Four Dorothys; Everyone's a Critic

The Devil's in the Diva - Paul Ruditis This is actually two books in one, so this review might be a bit long. Or not.

When I first saw this book I thought it looked like a rip off of Glee, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I wasn’t really expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised when I actually like it.

I sort of figured that the characters would be thinly veiled Glee character clones, but that was most definitely not true. (Full disclosure: I watch Glee, but mostly because it’s so bad that I can’t stop. Like watching a train wreck.) Anyway, I actually really liked Bryan, and found him surprisingly easy to relate to. The writing was from his point of view, and the way it was written was pretty much the way my brain works, so it was really fun to read. I pretty much read both of these books (which actually only totaled 489 pages) in like 2 days.

Despite what could have been some really mediocre plot lines, I found myself laughing nearly the entire time I was reading these. My personal favorite line?

"Pinocchio gets a tiny cricket as his conscience. Me? I warrant a two-hundred-fifty-pound bald black man."

I’m not really sure why I found this so funny, but it really just set me off. Maybe it was because I was overtired?