Exposure: A Virals Novel

Exposure  - Kathy Reichs, Brendan Reichs

I got this from a first reads giveaway on Goodreads, and was ridiculously excited. I haven’t actually read the first three books in the series, so I was somewhat confused at first. Eventually all of my questions were answered, however, and then it was just a really fun read. I feel like I probably would have been more into the story if I’d read the rest of the series and gotten more attached to the characters, but I really enjoyed it regardless.


There weren’t any characters that I found annoying (unless I was supposed to), or unnecessary, and I really loved the “pack” dynamic between them. The story was well written (of course), and didn’t have a lot of superfluous details, or anything that was confusing. Plus, and I have to admit this was surprising, I didn’t manage to solve the mystery way before the characters. Which is pretty unusual, so it was a nice change. Basically this was a really good, fun book, and I would definitely recommend it to people. Also, I’m definitely going to go back and read the rest of the series.