The Invention of Wings: A Novel

The Invention of Wings: A Novel - Sue Monk Kidd I really, really love Sue Monk Kidd's novels. They're some of my absolute favorites, and I reread them constantly, but I was a little wary of this one at first, but it was actually just as fantastic as I'd hoped it would be. I tend to really dislike books that alternate whose point of view they're from, since it's usually annoying. This one, however, actually did a really good job with the changing points of view, and it made way more sense that way, than it would have from just one person's point of view.

If you like books set in the South, or set in the 1800s, or just really good books that make you think, you should definitely give this one a try.

It took me some time to get into this book because I had trouble caring about any of the characters, but once I got a couple chapters in they became more interesting. Unfortunately that led to an inability to stop reading the book long enough to do other things.

Overall, I thought that all of the characters were relatable and interesting in some way. None of them seemed unbelievable, and all of them were just trying to do what they thought was best, even though sometimes it seemed wrong.

Basically, I just really enjoyed this book, and loved both Sarah and Handful.