Little Black Lies

Little Black Lies - Tish Cohen Okay, so I was looking for semi-mindless books that would be easy to read. This fit the bill perfectly, and was actually better than I was expecting. To be perfectly honest, I always sort of expect these types of high school drama, teen novels to have somewhat annoying protagonists, but Sara was surprisingly relatable. I’m not really sure what that says about me, but hey.

"Her father’s nuts, and Carling… I adore her, but she’s capable of just about anything. You’d be wise to avoid her."
He’s right. I should stay away from Carling.
Trouble is, I can’t.

So that’s basically where I really got pulled in. Up until then I was just sort of not really caring what happened, but then that happened, and I was like, “wait… what’s going to go down with Carling?!”

Basically, what does wind up going down is a lot of really bad decisions, and some revelations that lead to some minor life changes.

Yeah. Exactly what you’d expect from this sort of teen book. Overall though, not a bad story, and I might actually read more of this author’s stuff.