Nobody's Princess (Princesses of Myth)

Nobody's Princess - Esther M. Friesner

Okay, so I picked this one and its sequel up at the bargain outlet, and I wasn’t really sure about them. I’m not generally a huge fan of Greek mythology, but they sounded interesting, so I decided to give them a shot. All I can say is this book was surprisingly amazing, and if you like historical fiction and/or Greek mythology you should definitely read it.

I couldn’t put this book down. I picked it up while I was watching a movie, intending to just sort of check it out briefly, maybe read the first couple pages. I have no idea what happened in the movie because I couldn’t stop reading. The book started kind of slow, probably because I didn’t really care about what Helen was like at five years old, and the plot wasn’t amazing on the surface: girl doesn’t want to do “girly” stuff, so she dresses up like a boy in order to wander off and do what she wants; she doesn’t like doing what she’s told, so she gets into awkward/interesting situations of various kinds… sounds pretty familiar, right? I certainly thought so, but suddenly that wasn’t really the central plot anymore, and I found myself interested to find out what sort of shenanigans Helen was going to get up to next, and who she was going to make friends with (seriously, how many people get to just hang out with the Oracle of Delphi?).

By the time they had taken her sister to get married, I just needed to know what happened because I knew it was going to be exciting, and I wasn’t disappointed: a boar hunt, a huntress, an Oracle, and (of course) the cliffhanger lead-in to the sequel. If I hadn’t felt like I needed to finish my library books first (they have a due date, after all) I probably would have started reading the sequel right then and there, even if it was after midnight.