The Peach Keeper: A Novel

The Peach Keeper - Sarah Addison Allen I found this book because I was standing in the library trying to figure out what to read, and I googled “books set in the South.” Luckily, this one happened to actually be checked in, so I snagged it off the shelf. I wasn’t too sure about it because usually when romance-esque books try to include a mystery they just fail, but people on the internet seemed to like it, so I gave it a try, and boy am I glad that I did.

If you like romance/mystery books, or even just want books set in the South, you should definitely give this one a try.

I was surprised by this book because there wasn’t a single character that I didn’t care about. I would have liked to know more about Agatha and Georgie though, like maybe an entire book of just them would have been great. I may have accidentally shipped it.

To be honest, I’m not generally a huge fan of books that are mostly centered on romance, but this one had enough of a focus on other things, like why there is a body buried under the peach tree, that the romance portions didn’t really bother me. Except the parts with Paxton and Sebastian, those kind of bugged me. Willa and Colin were kind of cute though.

I also felt like there was some information that was revealed fairly abruptly, and without much setup, but overall it was actually a fairly decent mystery plot.