This Song Will Save Your Life

This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales I picked this up because it filled a spot on my YA book bingo card, and it didn’t sound totally horrifying. I wasn’t expecting to love it, but I really did.

I sometimes have issues with books about high school students, whether they’re popular or outcasts, since none of these books ever really resemble my high school experience at all, but this one was easy to relate to for the most part. Obviously I didn’t sneak out to secret underground warehouse clubs, and I wasn’t bullied, but I wasn’t super popular either so it was easy to relate to Elise’s confusion about how popularity worked. Her family life did seem a bit weird, but I suppose all families are weird in their own way so I’m willing to let that slide.

Mostly this was just a really enjoyable, quick read and I would definitely recommend it to people who like this type of book.